change is a good thing

it's a new year and it's time for some changes here at the ol' blogaroo.
when i first created this blog, i thought i had an awesome and nifty blog title.
the crazy life of lt.
but as i've grown and come up with an actual direction for my blog, it was time to change things up a bit.
and i was getting to where i hated my blog name.
no bueno.
so, with lots of researching, and color swatches, and tutorials, the madness has begun.
be prepared to see lots of things changing over the next few days and weeks.
but for now, let's go with a name change.
there's a lot to be said for a name.
and naming this blog has become quite as daunting a task as i would imaging naming your child is!

after pages of brainstorming words, and ways to put them all together, chris helped me come up with "outside the frame".
you see, i'm revamping my photography business and website as well, but i didn't want to have a separate blog. i wanted to keep my personal and business blog as one. i want my clients, and prospective clients, to be able to tap into the real me. i think it makes for a better photo session as well as allowing me to share my work here. i want to share all of my life with you!

so that being said, my business is all in a frame, and my life is all outside of it, hence the name, outside the frame.
clever huh?

props to hubs for pulling my new blog header together. he separated that dandelion all by himself in the lovely land of photoshop. he's got mad skillz...and he's for hire!

next up...i'm taking a blog design tutorial. holla.
i don't want to design blogs for others, but watch out world for what this ol' bloggy looks like!
happy monday!

oh yeah, holli and i will be starting our tuesday tunes link up in full swing tomorrow, so be preparing your posts and join in. tell us what jams are rocking your world this week!


  1. In love with the new look and the new ideas!!!

  2. I think the new look, new name AND the revamp is overall great! Good for you!! :) Also, I think it's really nice that you're keeping together the business and personal. :)

  3. Congrats on the new name and new blog design!

  4. Loving the dandelion!! Awesome changes