happiness - a little dab will do ya

i'm gonna be honest here.
this week has not been my best friend.
and there's nothing specific that happened, i've just been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.
let's take wednesday for instance....i cried all day.
all day. gross.

so in an effort to pull me out of this ridonkulous funk, i've been thinking about all things happy.
things i need to assist in the cleansing of the funk.

pillows for instance. i love pillows. big fluffy ones.
i need some for our futon.
for our bed.
new ones for our couch - because dearest wallace decided they were for his afternoon snacking pleasure.

i have these euro pillows that i need to find covers for.
this is where i wish i could sew.
do you have any idea how awesome my house would be if i could sew?

christopher - i'm gonna need a sewing machine stat. 
as well as some classes to teach me how to use it.
deal? ok.

seriously y'all, the thoughts of that makes everything in the world better. ;)

i am in need of some decorating overhaul projects in this house.
our bedroom needs some serious attention.
i feel like every single room is just half way put together.
it's time to inject some serious personality!

i have a bajillion crafty things i want to do, but since i decided that i needed and education, my life has become overtaken by school work. yuck.

also on the happy list - a blog makeover.
please excuse it's ugliness at this moment...we're under construction.
i bombarded chris' email with pictures and pinterest links this week, so he promises to work on it and make it all i hoped it could be.
we're changing things up and it makes me oh so happy.

you will be happy to know that in the midst of my self-pitty yesterday i wanted to eat terrible things.
and i did not.
i instead made whole oat strawberry muffins (no flour) to assist in my time of need.
they were ok. i think a banana nut flavor would be better.
but just the sheer baking of them relieved some stress. or it could have been the natural calming supplement i took. one can't be sure.

now if i could just surround myself in glitter and sparkle, i just might be ok.


  1. I had a cry fest last night. I couldn't stop my water works for the life of me! UUUGGG!! You are so right, focusing on happy things seems to help. Have fun with your pillow search and decorating. I am a Marshall's guroo for home decor. :)

  2. Seems like this is been a roller coaster week for many of us. I sent a desperate text to my husband on Monday because I was about to lose it at work. Fortunately he was available to cheer me up.

    I have a sewing machine and know how to sew, but don't get to do it much. Also, I'm a perfectionist...which means that I usually end up buying things instead of making them. :)

  3. Crying days are the worst! Sounds like you've got the right idea focusing on happy thoughts! Hope you have a better day!

  4. Thank you for listening to me last night during MY cryfest! I love you for being such a great shoulder. I'm sure that didnt add to your cry day.
    Lets go shopping- you for pillows , me for wedding crap

  5. Good job working on getting our of your funk. Sometimes it really takes a conscious effort.

  6. I had one of those weeks - but mine went over last weekend. I still don't know what started it or how I pulled myself out of it, but I will have to remember this happiness trick for the next time.

  7. Feeling a little blah today myself. Feel like crying, but the tears haven't come... yet! I have my list of chores to keep me busy. And, by the way, if you still lived in GA, I'd teach you to sew. Love you! Carollynn