Little people and other randomocities

so my niece and nephew have just started basketball season. 
saturday we headed out to their small town for the festivities. this is my niece's first year playing.
she's 6, and oh my goodness, kindergarten basketball may just be the most awesome thing i've ever experienced.
she's the cute blond - #2.
can we just pause for a moment to see how awesome it is that their shorts cover their entire legs?
they get so distracted too. everyone's screaming for them to shoot the ball and they have the most confused looks on their little faces.
my favorite of the day has to be the little boy that just rolled the ball down the court because he couldn't dribble. 
simply awesome. 

unfortunately, my nephew didn't play until later in the day, and the schedule was behind, so we had to leave before we got to see his awesomeness. we'll try again next week ;)

on the way home we took a wrong turn.
happens a lot.
which then took us on a dirt road that was just beautiful.
texas really is rather pretty on a clear blue sunny day.

i love a good deal, and the other day we received some coupons in the mail.
one was for $20 off two entrees at this restaurant in town that we've been wanting to try.
so last night was the night.
oh my. sooo good.
the restaurant is called the fatted calf. and let me just say i felt like a fatted cow when we left.
i had chicken fried steak (which i'm learning everything is "chicken fried" out here. back home we call this country fried steak), and mashed potatoes. it came with a poblano cream gravy. words cannot express the goodness. for dessert we had s'mores in a jar. it was a mason jar with graham crackers at the bottom, chocolate cake next, then some chocolate sauce, and then marshmallows. then they put the whole thing in the oven for about 10 minutes and then scorch the marshmallows when it comes out. this was heavenly. i hate marshmallows, so chris had to take care of those. but the rest of it was divine.
chris' response to our dessert:

i'm still full! and it was totally part of my clean eating plan. 
ok, so it wasn't, but a little cheat here and there isn't the end of the world.

ok peeps, let's make this a good monday.


  1. :) Cute 6 year old basketball... out here in Cali we don't have basketball for people that short. ;) Fatted Calf? Wow. Sounds biblical! haha!

  2. Oh my word - we LOVE The Fatted Calf!! (Apparently you and I live pretty close!! :))

  3. oh i love those photos. i swear i shoulda grown up in a slow country town- i am so drawn to the beauty of nothing but fields....these kinda pics always make me fall in love with them.