taking pictures fuels such a passion in me. 
i love getting to be creative with the works of our creator.
cheese-fest i know, but it's true.

i love capturing memories, milestones, significance....the list goes on and on.
it's one of the things i look froward to when i head to georgia - catching up and photographing all my peeps.

this is my bestie, ashby.
she's gorgeous.
she's one of those really awesome friends that you can talk to about anything.
you can rest assured that we've talked about any and everything.
she's the only person on the planet that knows my weight haha!

ashby has a musical theater degree.
girlfriend has some pipes on her....she can sing the phone book and leave you in awe.
last week the time had come for some new headshots.
we've got to get the girl in a new show...she has too much talent to keep it all to herself!
she and i met up and we had a full-blown photo session....and it was approximately 33 degrees.

she has one of those laughs that is unmistakable.
i've been told i have one of those too ;)
we often joke that one day she'll write a play of our adventures....i am confident it would be a consistently sold out show!

and well, i just loved these photos too much not to share.


  1. She is a beauty and you took some wonderful shots!!!

  2. Those are great pictures! You captured the colors so well.