so i've spent the last several days visiting our friends and family in the great state of ga.
it's weird to be home without your own personal home.
there are some pretty incredible stories that i would love to share. i mean honestly, we're talking epic events here. however, i cannot tell and it's killing me!!! maybe in a few years haha.
as good as it was to see everyone, I am quite happy to be home in texas.

what i can tell you is what an epic failure of a kitty mom i am.
got home tuesday night only to find one of my cats spent 6 days locked in the closet!
thank the good lord she's ok.
she immediately came out and ate lots of food.
i felt absolutely awful. i mean awful doesn't even describe it.
*shakes head in shame*

there were a couple of pretty awesome photo shoots, so i'll be sharing very soon!
at any rate, happy to be home and happy to be back on the ye ol' bloggy.


  1. my gma's cat goes in places and ends up getting locked up. so i know the feeling. LOl. i'm glad i'm not a cat person

    good to see you've been in the state i live in.

  2. All i can see is dont leave me again!! Its about dang time you got home.

  3. Oh know, poor kitty! Glad to know you enjoyed your trip.