maddie grace.

it's official, i feel old.
y'all, meet maddie. she's my sister in-law, but being as we've been family since she was 9, i think it's safe to just go ahead and call her my sister. i love her like she is anyway. ;)
this chica is graduating in a few months AND turning 18. what????
how did this happen?

while we were home in georgia last week, we did her senior photos.
it's amazing what a beautiful young woman she's grown up to be.
i love this sweet face with all that's in me!

it's funny, she was one of my first victims when i started my photo biz. 
i should pull some of those from the archives and let you see!
i've grown as a photographer just as much as she's grown into a woman!

she'll be heading off to college in a few months and getting a taste of so many new things.
it scares the living day lights out of me.
i never had the live away from home experience, but she'll be out of state.
lots of new responsibilities and freedom.
oh my, the whole family may have to go on xanax for this one haha!

this one's my absolute favorite.
as much as i want children, i can't imagine having them grow up!!!!


  1. wow...in my state. what part of GA if i may ask? if imposing too much I'm sorry. Love the pics. I love taking pictures but sadly I cant get a human being to let me take pics of them. So I settle for the dog. at least he'll stop and pose for me. lol those are really good. and she's beautiful.

  2. Your sister is gorgeous, and your photography is absolutely stunning! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Love these! Good job! She looks a little like you... do you and your hubby have similar features?? It's amazing how fast they grow (my son will be ten in 2 months and I swear he was just two)