Tuesday Tunes with Lauren & Holli #2

What up my bloggy friends!!!!!!! It's Tuesday, and that means it's Tuesday Tunes time with me and Holli!

Songs that I'm super loving this week:

Gary Allan - Every Storm (Runs Outta Rain)
oh so good. i've been a fan of gary allan since he came out years ago. i've always thought he was a rugged cutie pie.
random fact - the female voice in the song is the lady who wrote the song.

"every storm runs, runs outta rain,
just like every dark night turns to day"

this song has definitely been on repeat the last few days for me. if you haven't noticed, i deal with things through music. so whatever music speaks to what i'm going through is what's on my ultimate play list.

ok so let's take a different direction.
confession: i love will.i.am.
i also love britney spears (i know).
and when they collaborate, well i have to have it.

so i give you, "scream and shout".

and yes, the song has some....language. but i've included the clean version here for your listening pleasure.

"i wanna scream and shout and let it all out"....yep that also sums up my past few days. i think an open field and screaming would make me feel much better.

you know the drill...
link up and tell us what's moving you musically this week! and please...tell your friends! we really want you all to join in...it helps us find new tunes too! ;)



  1. Hey, Lauren! Hi, Holli! Thanks for hosting this FUN party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Love me some Gary Allan. have you noticed he has lots of songs about rain?

  3. Awesome song choices!! You know, I almost chose that Gary Allan song this week myself! Thank you for hosting this fun party. I am loving it!


  4. New follower from the hop! Thanks for hosting. :)


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  6. WOW! love this post, glad I found you on the Thursday Hop.
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