little gems

i love when i clean up my computer.
i tend to find lots of little gems i had forgotten about.
so meet the forgotten.

this is sugar man. yep, that's his real name.
he was my dad's...but dad just moved, so sugar man has a new daddy.

oh be still my heart.
i could care less about the little yellow flowers. no, it's these little beauties that are my favorite.
maybe it's that it takes me back to being a carefree kid, making wishes, and blowing with just the right amount of oomph to send them flying in the wind.

i love cows. like for real love them.
always have. when i was little, i wanted a light brown one to name bessie.
oh she would have been awesome.
technically this little cow was trespassing with her head on my dad's property, so i found it completely ok to make her pose for me.
she didn't like me too much, but sometimes you gotta risk not being liked for a good picture!

on the road we live on, there's a random buddhist temple amongst the pastures. it's really an odd place for one...i would think. but then again, i don't know much about ol' buddah so maybe it does make sense.
funny story time: we saw it the first time at night. things always look scary at night to me. so i was a little scared. then one day we drove past during the daylight. the sign at the front was in a completely different language, so we had no idea what it said. finally we found an english signed and learned that it's open 24/7. there's even a little playground on the property. there are actually 2 buildings. there's a big one to the right of this that has a huge golden statue in it - and it's all open, all the time. as in the building has open sides. for some reason i don't have a picture of that...i'll have to go get one for you.
chris wanted to get out and go in, just to check it out.
i had a total freak out moment and flash backs of idolatry in the old testament and was convinced we would burst into salt piles, so we just kept driving, haha. y'all, i keep telling you that i'm a strange little bird. 
nonetheless, it was really pretty in the snow a couple of months back.


  1. Oh, I love Sugar Man's face! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. These are really gorgeous! And I love Sugar Man! ;-)

    In case you haven't entered, I'm holding a giveaway today if you would like to take a peek! ;-)

  3. Ah, Dandelions make me happy. They give me warmer thoughts of spring.

  4. That is an awesome buddist temple! So beautiful! Okay.. I must've been sleeping... when did you change your blog name....??

  5. Aww! Is that a miniature donkey, or a full size donkey? We have a miniature. Great pictures!!

  6. Awesome pictures!! The dandelions looks really cute :) I'm a new follower from the Almost Friday blog hop.

    Mariely @ Sensational Creations