it's the weekend....

...and it couldn't come fast enough. to say this has been the week from hell would be an understatement.
but on a positive note, there are a few things tickling my fancy.

that phrase..."tickling my fancy", it just sounds naughty doesn't it? is it just me? surely not.

  • washi tape. i have an obsession. have you experienced it yet? i seriously almost spent $50 on rolls upon rolls of it....but i refrained. instead i just have 2, and i want to put it on everything. it's like tape with happiness. you need to search it on pinterest or etsy...there's SO much you can do with it! you're welcome.

  • i made homemade granola - amazeballs. so easy too. in one of my many diet plans, i had purchased some quick cook oats for oatmeal, which i do not eat. so i threw some on a cookie sheet, added some chopped pecans and walnuts (the cheap ones from the baking isle), cinnamon and some sugar free honey. mix together, bake for about 10-15 minutes at 325 degrees. quite delish.
  • we took a trip to costco to stock up for a few weeks. in my fragile emotional state, i bought the bulk packaged ghirardelli chocolate chunk brownies. and then i came home and immediately made some. i used unsweetened apple sauce in place of oil which completely justified my eating them. and i'll have you know, i only ate one...brownie, not pan. see, not so bad.
  • what is up with the channel TLC? remember when it was all "trading spaces", "a wedding story" and "a baby story"? how has the learning channel turned into the reality tv capital? first, let's talk about the new show "the sisterhood". you're gonna want to click here in a sec. it's about pastor's wives..but in real housewives style. and it's in atlanta...and it doesn't make me proud of my home state. it's the epitome of why people have such adverse reactions to christians. however, it sucks me in every single time. also on this channel is "best funeral ever". i have no words. 
  • i absolutely adore the mary tyler moore show. yes, like the one 50 years ago. but it's oh so good. i ran across this on pinterest recently and it totally made my day. i may need to frame this!


  1. Colour tapes are my choice when it comes to gifts wrapping ;) Aren't they amazing?
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. wow! I have to look up washi tape... I haven't seen them around... or maybe I have?
    Good job only eating one brownie... you are doing well! AND I have a container of instant oatmeal {I accidentally bought} and was wondering what I should do with it, I will have to find a recipe... great idea! :)

  3. Sorry it was a rough week. I am praying this one is much better for you!
    I just ordered some washi tape and can’t wait for it to come in. Hoping it does in time to make Mason’s Valentines.