i have been a follower of kelle hampton's blog for about 3 years.
she has 3 children, but i started reading with the birth of her second.
upon nella's birth, they discovered that nella had down syndrome.
i have cried with this family and celebrated with this family.
and my heart has been challenged as a result.
and no, i've never ever even so much as had a conversation with this woman.
but i love her blog!
i am so excited because she has written a memoir called bloom.
and you need to go HERE and order one!

photo cred: kelle hampton

i just bought it on my kindle and i absolutely can NOT wait to read it.
and i just thought you might enjoy it too ;)

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  1. Lauren, you will not be able to put it down! She is truly amazing. Can't wait for another book from Kelle!

    BTW..Holli's engagement shots are beautiful....you did a great job!