Spring. And Jesus. And Spring.

i love spring time.
everything is full of color.
it's when you finally get to see what the cold of winter had been preparing.
the drab, bleak, cold winter has been magically preparing the grounds for a burst of color.

this winter has definitely been a dark one for me.
lots of transitions, lots of questions, just a lot.
and i'm praying that jesus has just been preparing me for a burst of color in my life.
that the "dead" things of my life will suddenly come alive.

in this season of cold, i have learned that expectations never really meet up to reality.
what i have hoped and expected of people has definitely turned out different that what i wanted.
that hope...hope that people can be what you want them to be.
and then the reality check that they will never be what you so desperately desire for them to be.

it's like jesus is the gardener. he cleans out the flower beds after the last winter frost.
tenderly taking care to plant the seeds at the right time.
carefully making sure to water the garden, so when the time is just right, all of those seeds start to bloom.
and then he makes the most beautiful of gardens.

i am so deeply in need of a burst of color.
i know more than anything that god is in complete control of things.
and i praying with expectancy that he is preparing a beautiful spring time for my life.
i am getting a few glimpses of blooms around me...so i'm holding on to the thought that they'll be big beautiful flowers.

i'm ready for the garden.


  1. Bloom on dear sister, bloom on! Great post!

  2. Dear Lauren
    Oh, dear one, if we allow Him, our Lord Jesus Himself is the beauty and color that springs forth in our hearts. Over via Bonnie's.
    Much love

  3. Lovely post...he will give you beauty for ashes! Stopping over from Bonnies cyber home..
    Renee from Adventures In Faithful Living...