Happiness = Fridays...and blog buttons!

y'all, i'm so proud of myself.
i finally did it!
i figured out the coding of a blog button!
so i present to you....the button. please, please, please take one!
well only if you want to, and because you like me ;)

 photo outsidetheframe_zps19f14d15.png

oh and have you heard about the gfc ordeal that has bloggers everywhere in freak out mode.
if you track all of your blogs through google reader, then you'll need to follow me on bloglovin. you can import everything from your google reader to bloglovin and it's super easy!
if you track through your blogger dashboard, then you should be fine for now.
but either way, i think you should follow me on bloglovin ;)

now moving on to something worth reading, let's talk about our favorite vacation spots.

ah yes, vacation is on my mind in a hard core way.
i desperately need a getaway.

typically, we don't stay a full week on vacation.
we're strange and get bored easily, not to mention we're usually on a super tight budget.
stupid money.
and this year will be an even tighter budget.

for the most part, we like to vacation at the beach in the summer, and then the mountains in the fall.
that being said, i can't exactly remember my last fall vacation.

we're a fan of the destin, fl area. i grew up going to destin and we've been there and panama city most years since marrying. we like destin best because it's more our style.
last year we hit up gulf shores, al but there's not a ton to do there.
i think we're just weird...we have no kids and we don't drink.
so that kicks out water parks and bars.
what's left to do? haha.

so this year, we're thinking about destin again.
i just need my booty in some sand.
it really is necessary.

our last time in destin we stayed at the san destin resort and loved it. i think we may try to see what kind of deal we can finagle this year. i highly recommend it!

but then again, now that we're in texas, we may just scoot on down and see what galveston has to offer. it all depends on the timing.

now we all know that my all time favorite vacay spot would be paris, but since i really only spent 8 hours there, i don't think it qualifies.

when heading to the mountains, our absolute favorite place is brevard, nc. oh my word, it's just beautiful.
AND they have albino squirrels.

google it if you don't believe me.

one day i'm going to need to live there!
oh take me there now!


  1. I love your button. I shall be taking one for myself thankyouverymuch. I need to do a blog redesign DESPERATELY. Maybe once that happens, you can teach my how to make a button. Actually, can you teach me how to make a button? Id like to make one for Trails and Tails (when that gets started)

    Im so irritated about Reader. About Google actually. Did they offer any alternative? I havent really done any research yet.

    I was going to suggest Galveston since you are so close....

  2. Your button turned out darling. The whole google thing has me upset. I don't like change. I have a few months to think on it, but still...I think I need a vacation!

  3. I love love love Destin and am also in desperate need of a vacation. Last year we went to Pensacola Beach and really enjoyed it, but there were a TON of jellyfish. I accidently slapped one thinking it was a lid to a fountain drink. haha

  4. I can't remember our last vacation either :/ Desperately need one myself. Love the photos and congrats on the button, i don't know what to do with those, so I won't take it :) Happy Friday!! we're having awesome weather this weekend, I'm jumping for joy!

  5. anywhere with a beach and blue waters is a great vacay in my books! hoping you can take a great vacay soon!

  6. We love Dentin, as well! I linked up with our visit there. Really, anywhere with sunshine and a beach is good with me :)