heart stuff.

tuesday was not a good day for me.
it was just rather....well depressing.
i think the homesickness has finally set in a bit.
it's not that i want to move back, it's just that i miss my relationships.

i've heard people talk often about how things are different when you move away.
i thought surely they were lying.
but its true.....my relationships in ga have changed.
not necessarily bad, but not the same.

so while wallowing in my self pity on tuesday of how i had no friends or place of belonging.....i don't really have "my people" anymore...god, as usual stepped in to ease my heart a little.

some friends we have made out here randomly met us for dinner last night.
"randomly"= god ordained ;)

i got a text message out of the blue from one of my besties that was just a "hey i was thinking about you and i miss you"
"out of the blue"= god ordained

my granny called just to tell me i was on her mind and that she loved and missed me
"just to tell me"= god ordained

god knew that my heart was sad and needed a little pick me up, and that's just what he gave me.
when will i ever learn?

in other exciting news, the church we visited a couple of weeks ago offers a bible study for ladies experiencing infertility. i am SO excited about this. it starts next week and i can not wait. i've been needing something like this for so so long.

again - god's listening to my heart.

i just love so much how god knows my heart and knows just what i need just when i need it.
and i'm oh so very thankful for it.


  1. Wow! God is awesome. I know about homesickness and missing relationships--that's a hard place to be. But God always does know exactly what we need and He truly loves us. That's amazing.

  2. It is such a blessing to experience those things that others would see as random or out of the blue as sent from God. What an amazing God we served!

  3. GOD is so good and HE loves you so much! Again, you bring me so much joy talking to you EVERYDAY on my way home from work. I'm so excited that you're going to those classes at the church. Should be really good.

  4. I love how He knows us, our hearts and just what we need. Therein lies daily miracles.

  5. Hi! New follower coming from the GYB hop. I love finding fellow Christian bloggers and I'm excited to follow along.

    I love the simple honesty of this post. I know how you're feeling with the homesickness and how relationships change. I moved away from home almost 3 years ago and I have watched my relationships with my friends slowly grow apart. I know that I could still call on them if I needed them and I try to keep up with their lives mainly through Facebook, but it's different. I've grown as a person and I'm not even really the same person who used to be friends with them anymore (if that make sense). But through all of it, God has been faithful and He has grown me into a stronger person through all the struggles. I'm finally learning to be content in my current situation.

  6. God is so amazing! I love that you are able to see and communicate how he has shown up!! Isn't He good??