it's a picture sharing kind of day!

so i was going through my photos on my phone because i had some that i really wanted to share. in doing this, i noticed that i have a problem. let's talk about that first. 
i have developed a '"pose" lately, and i'm not sure where it came from.
seriously...i have this pucker face.
well i have no clue, but apparently i think it's cute because it's in almost ALL of my pictures!
see exhibit A:

friends, what is this? why is my almost 30 year old self acting like i'm 16?
i will now make an effort to actually act like an adult in my photos.

now for the ones i wanted to share. the lovely wallace had quite the experience on our road trip a couple of weeks ago. this picture here...this is victory. yes, the dog in the back seat is definitely victory. for some reason he did not want to be in the back (insert "nobody puts baby in the corner" quote here) all alone. so he kept fighting to sit in my lap. all 50 pounds of him.
alas, this did not last long at all. the rest of my trip required me to sit in the back with him. real cute.

and yes, i'm puckering here too. shame.

after a while, he finally got the hang of riding and greatly enjoyed his ears flopping in the wind.

 so last sunday night i had a super hott date night with this cutie pie.
ok, so we went to church and dinner, but hey....it required a real outfit from me, so date night it was!
we went to watermark church out here in dallas. loved it! 
they have this whole wall of africa - orphans, missions, etc. and my heart was instantly won over.
you know i love the orphans ;)
this is their outside mingling area...rocking chairs, a lake....you seriously have no idea that the freeway is on the other side.

oh sweet kitty. my molly girl was enjoying the afternoon sunshine and she was just too cute not to photo.
and then of course i'm a photo app junkie, so i added some bokeh.
i love bokeh (that's the dots/glare).
oh and speaking of kitties. so the other night after dinner, we were riding through this shopping center. i saw a store called The Clean Kitty. i was all like "oh look it's a kitty grooming salon (because who has ever heard of one of those?). but then i saw the rest of the sign and i was like "oooohhh....it's a brazilian wax studio".
well played.

by wednesday i was definitely in need of some relaxation. so i hopped my not so happy butt into a happy tub of bubbles! all became right in the world. i love the tub in our house. the faucet kind of has something wrong with it where it shoots the water out real hard...like the unfriendly setting on a water hose. however, this works beautifully for creating lots and lots of bubbles. and i do mean lots.

now i'm gonna need you to all go and have wonderful weekends!


  1. That waxing studio story was real funny :) I'm gonna have to share that one sometime I'm sure! Happy weekend girl!

  2. Think I might have to try the pucker face. I have been having this weird extra skin on my chin-look when I smile, lately. Maybe the pucker would eliminate this.