M is for MOVIES

there are few things that soothe the soul like curling up together on the couch and watching movies.
a momentary escape from the real world.
well we've been on a movie-watching kick lately.
we've also discovered the early bird special at the movie theater! $6 a piece baby!
then throw in our netflix library and the options are endless.
last weekend, we made our entire weekend revolve around movies.
so i thought i'd share what we saw so you can watch them too!

the incredible bert wonderstone 
we love anything with steve carell, no matter how ridiculous it is.
we thought it was super cute. chris absolutely loved it. it was your typical steve carell movie.

machine gun preacher 
this movie was by far on the top of my best movies ever list.
maybe it's because my heart is ridiculously moved for orphans.
maybe it's because it's a true story.
either way, it is a MUST SEE. seriously. watch it.
it's free on netflix. 
and it has gerard butler. how could it possibly be wrong?

october baby
this is the story of a girl that was a survivor of a failed saline abortion. 
it is based on a true story, although the real life survivor actually has cerebral palsy.
good movie. great for teens too! definitely had a cutesy teenage romance, which i'm a sucker for.

jeff, who lives at home
we love jason segel and ed helms. they're great.
and we have a love for indy movies too. so this was a good mix of the two.
it's not their typical slap stick humor. but it was actually really good.

saftey not guaranteed
another fun, indy movie. and it has jake johnson, whom i adore.
(almost as much as i love gerard butler)
he plays nick in the show new girl.
if you aren't currently watching that on tuesday nights, you need to.
i digress. 
the movie was cutesy and dry, but we liked it.


another one based on a true story. and not your typical jack black movie.
it was really good, yet disturbing.
so this guy bernie worked at the funeral home in carthage, tx and everyone loved him. he befriended this mean old widow and ended up snapping on her and murdering her.
it was serious with a good dose of humor.
but then looking up the real guy just freaked me out a little.

have you watched any good movies lately?

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