monday randomocities

you know i like to mix things up a bit.
so on a day when i don't have anything of substance to devote a whole post to, i give you my list of randomocities.

  • hubby and i could use some serious prayer this week, so if you think of us, please pray. we've got a lot going on in this little world of ours, that hopefully i can share with you all soon.
  • old navy has a sale on some super cute dresses right now. sadly, i only walked away with one. i have the body type that things look much, much better on the hanger than on me.
  • easter is coming, easter is coming! i love easter!!! and this year we're spending it in the mountains. those same mountains that i posted about a couple of weeks ago! wahoo!
  • it has kind of hit me that next year chris and i will have been married 10 years! what? where has the time gone?
  • i am currently 100% overwhelmed with my life, which in turn, makes me want to clam up and do nothing, which then makes me more overwhelmed. can anyone relate?
  • have any of you heard all the uproar about the satan character in the bible series looking like obama? really, that's what critics want to pull away from it? guilty conscience maybe? bahahaha!
  • i spent a ridiculous amount of time taking pictures of dandelions in my back yard on saturday. but oh how i love them, even if they are weeds. don't worry, i'll have a whole post dedicated to them this week! oh and of course new pics of wallace too. dandelions and wallace. yep, that's my life.
  • ok it's your turn. what randomocities are muddling your brain on this monday?


  1. I, too, love dandelions! Do you know they have about a bazillion medicinal properties? No joke! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Holidays are a little sad that yall won't be here, but a mountain trip does sound great! Plus, I can't believe it has been ten years already! Congrats!! Miss yall :)

  3. I love Old Navy dresses!! I was in there last week and had to be forced out I couldnt stop looking! But as you said, everything looks better on the hanger!

    Newest follower :) I love your blog!


  4. i went to old navy to. usually i can't get anything there but i found one dress! i was pretty excited.