Tuesday Tunes!

by now you all should know just how much i love and adore music.
i currently have 725 songs on my iphone alone.
and thousands in my itunes library.
the sad part is, i can tell you when one is missing.
i may be on the brink of needing professional help.

so that's why we celebrate music right here every single tuesday!

and that means that you should totally join us!
be sure to check out the tunes that leslyn and holli are loving too.

this week there's lots of good music i'm loving. 
but i will try not to bombard you with it and only share a few ;)

first up: "let it be known" by worship central.
random fact - the hubs and i are worship junkies. we can't help it. we are not a normal family by any stretch. for instance, we stayed up late last week watching creative and worship conferences for churches.
one church in particular that we admire and that chris gets a lot of inspiration from is church on the move in tulsa, ok. they lead a creative conference called "seeds" and we were watching the replays of it online and they opened up one of the sessions with this song.
well it's catchy and chris and i had been singing it nonstop. so of course i had to google it and figure out where to buy it. turns out it's from a group in the uk called worship central. they offer all kinds of worship tools for worship leaders. but then they have a cd....and you know this girl here had to buy it.
it's fabulous. you should buy it too. 

Let It Be Known (Live), Worship Central

but until you buy it, you can jam out to "let it be known" here!

next on my list of happiness, i give you "love and war" by tamar braxton.
ok, if i'm being honest, the song itself isn't my favorite in the world. 
but i have a slight addiction to certain reality tv shows.
i loved "braxton family values" on we. remember toni braxton? omg i loved her. well tamar is her baby sister.
so i got all caught up in the show and the making of tamar's first solo album.
for some reason, i just love her and all her craziness. 
so of course i must share it with you! ;)

and that friends is all i have for you on this fine tuesday.
link up and join the fun!

the rules: 
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2. please link up only your post about music. non-music posts will be deleted.
that's it. easy peesy.


  1. I hadn't heard these before, she looked like Mariah Carey from first glance ... Happy Tuesday!

  2. That song by Tamar Braxton is so pretty. Hope you have a great day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. Bit late in getting round to comments but glad I found time for a visit. Firstly, Worship Central are a delight to listen to. You can't help but feel the vibe and beat along with them! And as for little sis - puts pride up there along with Toni. 'Breath Again' is in my 'guaranteed to make me cry top 20!