Tuesday Tunes!

hey y'all! it's tuesday tunes time!!!!
we got a new look and a new member.
so link up with me, holli and leslyn for some tunelicious times!

the rules: 
1. grab the button and put it in your post or on your blog somewhere
2. please link up only your post about music. non-music posts will be deleted.
that's it. easy peesy.

ok so my tunes for this week.........

i super love group1crew a whole lot.
and their new song "dangerous" is no different.
yup, i super love it.
so for your viewing/listening pleasure...

i want to live dangerous. risk it all for you, lord. i need you to wake me up from the life i've known before. whatever it takes, i want you to make, make me more like you. i want to live dangerous.

next on the list we have chris tomlin and lecrae with "awake my soul".
it's from tomlin's new album. if i'm being honest, i love some tomlin, but all his stuff kind of sounds the same. however, i do love some lecrae and this song is the best of both worlds. 
please be sure to listen to the end so you can actually hear lecrae's part!

yeah, i'm not alone, i realize i breathe out, i come alive
your word gives life to my dry bones
your breath tells death it can ride on 
awake me, make me a living stone,
a testament to your throne, i
i'm nothing without you, i'm on my own
the only one who satisfies my soul

ok friends, link it up!


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  2. Wow that hair in song one is something else :) Happy Tuesday!

  3. One of these days I will link up and write a post about music... seems like I always forget! :) Love checking out some new music though.

  4. Awake my soul is astounding. And the accompanying guitar chords in the corner.....how coolis that! Wish more videos had this option! It's a shame how rock Christian bands don't get nearly enough acknowledgement that they deserve!

  5. I absolutely love the Chris Tomlin song- we sing that at church, and it always moves me!

    I'm so glad we're doing the link up together! :)