be still my heart.

this weekend was a doozy, in the best kind of way.
my lil brother and sis in-law spent the night on friday and we had a fun little slumber party. 
priceless moments.
as i've mentioned, we're moving in a couple of weeks.
and saturday i went to see my nephew play baseball.
it was opening day. 
my goodness, he's a cutie pie.

and i cried through the whole game, knowing it was the last one i'd see this season.
but you know what made it awesome?
well besides a perfect game?
my precious niece showing up to the game with the same tennis shoes as me!

sunday was filled with crafting.
holli's gettin' married y'all!
so we started the center piece making.
i can't wait to see them all put together, and i don't want to give too many details away before the big day.
but as you can see, we got all kinds of dirty!

these are some mighty fine wine bottles!
oh!!! and you see the yellow piece beside it?
well i repurposed a vanity that my step mom gave me.
it was old 1960s laminate and now it's a beautiful butter cup yellow!
i'll have some pics of it soon.
i'm super proud of how it turned out!

and then i literally spent 3 hours doing 30 minutes worth of homework because i'm a procrastinator.

oh, and be prepping a post full of music goodness for tomorrow's link up!

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  1. Such a cutie! And y'alls shoes - adorable! Looks like you and Holli had fun. I like the way the bottles came out. And I can't wait to see the vanity!!!