who knew?

this past week while hanging in my soon to be home of north carolina, i discovered something.
apple orchards.
i had no idea that i loved them.
but my heart was overjoyed and i got so excited every time we saw one. 
i do not know why.
all i know is that i am completely captivated by them....and they aren't even in bloom yet!
the orchards are EVERYWHERE in the town. 
this makes me oh so excited for fall!

and i just thought that i loved pallets and the idea of making things from them....that is until i saw apple crates! 
y'all, i see some ridiculousness in my very near future.


  1. I love apple orchards!!! We have a few down the street from us. Probably our favorite place to go in the fall!

  2. Apple crates? Can't wait to see. My mind is racin... :)