oh the good lord works in mysterious ways.

for the past week, i've been out of town, which in turn has made the ol' blog a roo take a vacation.
i wish i could say i was vacation.
i have been an overwhelmed stressed out mess.
there were tears involved and gnashing of teeth.
but i think i'm good now.

the good news is that i've spent the last few days in the beautiful north carolina mountains.
i could totally live here.
oh wait, i'm actually moving here in a few weeks.

no joke.

my life should be a book series.
and then a tv mini-series.
and then a full feature film.
it's THAT good, lol.

texas was definitely an experience. 
and at this moment, that's all i want to say about it. ;)
but north carolina seems to be much more welcoming as far as community to plug into.
all i feel like saying for now, is that we're taking a humongous leap of faith.
and the scripture that God keeps bringing to mind, on a daily basis i might add, is "walk by faith and not by sight".
so we're obeying. and walking. maybe crawling. maybe running. i'm not sure, but we're moving at least.
and it's scary. but in a good way.
there are so many ridiculous layers of god working in this that i don't even know how to put it into words.
which is part of the reason that i don't want to talk about it at the moment.

dear friends, be careful the prayers that you pray because God will use them in a mighty way.

current lesson being learned:
 - we are called to ministry (well this is not new news). and when you're called, it's about the mission, not your personal preference. it's about the message and the people, not the bells and whistles.

i'm thinking we should just buy an rv to live in so it would make our moves a lot easier. haha.