Graduation Day

My sweet sister-in-law is graduating high school today.
how is that?!?
she was such a baby when I entered the family...she had just turned 9 a couple of days before my first date with Chris.

we are so extremely proud of her. 
she's really involved in color guard and this year served as co-captain.
girlfriend is super awesome at it too.
and in a few weeks she'll be heading out of state to college.

she's beautiful, inside and out.
that laugh...yeah it's awesome and contagious.
she's got a good head on her shoulders.

all of this graduation talk had me reminiscing last week.
i pulled out my scrapbooks from graduation and my senior year 11 years ago.
those were some priceless, precious memories.
i was so full of dreams and ambition.

my prayer for Maddie is that she never lose sight of her dreams and ambition.
that God will keep His mighty hand on her and guide her on the right path.
that the "real world" is as nice as possible to her.
that God will grant her wisdom and that she makes wise choices.
and that most of all, that she knows just how much we all love and adore her.

i'm in the process of making her college care package. 
and i am ridiculously excited about it!
when we send it off, i'll tell you all about it ;)


  1. She's so cute and those are great pictures.

  2. What an exciting time! How blessed she is to have you praying for her! Psalm 91 coud be turned into an awesome dorm room decoration. You are so clever with photos, I bet you could create something AMAZING! Give Maddie a hug from me! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. :) I spent time this week attending some High School graduations... most graduates have this impossible hopefulness about them... reminds me of when I was that age and I believed that anything was possible.

    Love the pics and the prayer for your sil. Sweet. :)

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  5. It is crazy to think about high school graduation. It seems like yesterday, but it was...9 years ago for me. You seem like such a sweet sister-in-law! I'm new to your blog through the blog hop.

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