so as i mentioned last week, i've been reading this book called "one thousand gifts".
it's definitely something i've needed in this particular season of life.
i am getting so much out of it. seriously.
as ann voskamp, the author, says, ingratitude is the basis of sin.
and it's so true.
when i decide what i have, where i am, who i am isn't what I want, then i make choices that are not in line with what God has planned for me.
my life is not my story to rewrite.
it has already been written.
when we take a moment to stop, be still, and actually notice the very many gifts of this life, we enter a state of full living.
"we will never experience the fullness of our salvation until we experience the fullness of our thanks everyday."
so friends, there's something to be said for the old saying "stop and smell the roses".
i urge you....stop, be still, and take in every moment. every, single moment.


  1. I've read Ann's book twice so far. I absolutely love her message and the poetry of her words.

  2. I have read many posts birthed from the reading of this book, and I must say, this is the first time I have read the line: "Ingratitude is the basis of sin." With this post, I'm finally thinking - I gotta get that!! Thank you for posting this!