happy wednesday! you're half way through the week friends...keep going!
i haven't given you a randomocities post in a while.
the time has come. wait no longer.

so, i took the plunge and cut off all my hair.
anytime there is a new change in my life, i feel the need for new hair.
and well, north carolina definitely counts as a big change.
our worship leader's wife owns a salon here in town and she did a fabulous job.
i love it!
you really can't go wrong with a good bob.

the mountain skies are so beautiful here.
i mean seriously, that's a beautiful sky!

this is my view when i go to walmart.
now that just makes me wanna go all of the time.
and by the way, the walmart experience is much, much better here.
dare i say....pleasant.

today's our last night at the beach. tomorrow we're heading out to atlanta.
it's graduation weekend for the lil' sister. eeek!


  1. I love your hair! Too cute. A pleasant Walmart experience- say it aint so! Love you

  2. What a beautiful drive to Walmart! I'd drive there allt he time if that were my view.

  3. Your hair looks amazing!!! It really suits you