madness i tell you, simply madness.

my life is ridiculously crazy. always has been, always will be.
we also always pick the most amazing times to move.
this time we decided it would be great to move during my busiest time of year at work and school.
and somehow, though i am surprised, i survived it all.
so please forgive the absence on the bloggy.
the good news - i'm back to humanity!
and the even better news is that i have so much to tell you!

ok, by now you know we just moved from texas to north carolina. it's an absolutely beautiful little mountain town. and in the mornings, from my couch, i get to watch the sun rise over the mountains.
oh be still my heart!

we've been here about a week and a half. 
it was an interesting ride to say the least. 
wallace got the middle seat!

we managed to follow a line of storms for 20 hours. yes, 20 hours, nonstop. driving the uhaul and towing the car, along with driving slower to get through the pouring rain added an extra 5 hours to the trip.
chris was over.it.

but we made it.
we didn't bring our couch because it was quite crappy and we had been saving forever for a sectional.
delivery was going to take 4 weeks...which meant 4 weeks of us sitting in camping chairs.
no thanks.
so we headed to charlotte to get it ourselves. 
we had every intention of having the store deliver it, but someone convinced it it would fit in the car.
um no, no it didn't. 
so we had 2 boxes in the car, 2 ginormous boxes strapped to the top of the car, and headed home.
just like the beverly hillbillies.

and yet, somehow we made it.

the animals are happy.....for the most part.

wallace has managed to calm down. he was acting out for a few days.
barking, escaping, eating used sanitary items from the garbage. GAH-ROSS!!!!!! 
it was terrible. just terrible.
we didn't know he got into the garbage.....until chris went to let him out the next morning and he had puked in his pin.
chris called me in and said "honey, what is this?"
"well dear, that there is a tampon."
i've never seen chris so utterly grossed out.
tmi? i know, i know.

in other more uplifiting news....i wore an outfit with leggings for the first time ever.
yes i did. 
i left the house in leggings and looked cute. 
it was a big day in my life. 

and there you have it. that has literally been the highlights of my past 3 weeks.
but don't you worry, i've got more fun to come.


  1. 'So glad you arrived safe and sound. What a spectacular view from your couch! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. What an adventure! I went to IKEA for the first time few weeks ago. Not sure,yet, if that is good or bad. As for the dog? Yeah, my dog has done that, too. Dogs just have a propensity for utter grossness.

  3. Wow, sounds like you've been a busy busy bee! Glad you got moved safely!

  4. You look too cute in leggings and should wear them more. Now wheres the shorts?!