could it get any better?

i mentioned last week that hubs got a new job working for earth fare.
this weekend he worked on his first video project for the online specials.
he had filmed some at the office, but then he wanted to get some additional shots on our farm table at home.

of course i was giddy with excitement to get to play with pretty foods.
the special this week is on grapes, so the video was showcasing fun things to do with grapes besides eating them all by themselves.

grapes are fabulous in lemonade.
i made fresh squeezed lemonade just for this.

and grapes make a lovely addition to salads. ;)

and of course i had to put some flowers in the mix. 
none other than a hydrangea would do.
any excuse to have them in my house works for me!

give me a vase of hydrangeas and peonies = heaven. 
pure, absolute, heaven.

so then of course i had to find the perfect place to display my pretty flower. 

this was SO much fun.
i will be so sad now if every single video isn't here. haha.
maybe i missed my calling....
i could be lauren thomas - food stylist extraordinaire.
we'll add that to my never ending list of life goals. ha!

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  1. The store should also have you shoot their flower collections. Oh the possibilities!!