i am always completely amazed at what triggers a memory.

the smell of grape jelly immediately takes me back to being a young child watching the disney channel while eating a pb&j or toast with grape jelly.

a song that can take you back to a specific time so much that you can smell what it smelt like and feel what it felt like.

the mind is fascinating.
and life is filled with so many special moments.
moments that we often take for granted and experience like a fluttering butterfly.
and probably most that we'll never really think on again until some random song or food or smell triggers it.

i often tell myself that i really need to live each day. really embrace and hold onto every single moment.
because all the while in my mundane day to day life, nothing really seems super special.
but it is. every single moment is.
every moment is a gift from god himself, no matter how insignificant our human eyes may perceive it.

and so i challenge you (and myself) to really embrace today.
it's monday.
it's a new week.
and that's a perfect time to start something new.

hold onto every moment of today, tonight, tomorrow....good or bad...happy or sad.
live the moments you're given.
feel them. remember them.
after all, they are gifted to you.

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  1. What a sweet post to start my Monday with...especially since I was sort of dreading a few things on my to-do list :-) But I shall heed your words and accept the giftness of these tasks.