It's A Fab Friday!

happy friday lovelies! 
i couldn't be happier to see the weekend!
i've got goodness to share with you today friends.

i'm thankful for new adventures ~
so as you know, hubs and i moved to north carolina in april. we moved to be part of a church plant that we felt god was calling us to. and we love it. however, what i may not have shared is that chris was/is receiving no salary from our church. again, it was something we felt strongly about. the idea was that chris would do freelance work on the side to help out with additional income.we readjusted our budget so that we lived solely off of my pay - but in this economy, that's a scary burden. while on vacation a few weeks ago, we discussed this quite a bit, as the freelance work hadn't taken off quite like we hoped. and so, chris began looking online for creative job openings in our area. the only one he pursued was with earth fare - it's a health food supermarket like whole foods or fresh market. their corporate office is in our new town. an application and 2 interviews later, he got the job! he's the new visual media producer. he's in charge of filming and designing commercials/specials and anything else they might need. this week was his first week and he's so excited about it. yes, we're most definitely still at the church, but this allows us to build up some savings and i'm thrilled about that!

i'm thankful for provision!
in staying on topic with earth fare, we get an awesome discount on groceries. i can not begin to tell how excited that makes me! i get to buy all organic greatness for cheap! woohoo!

i'm excited for awesome opportunities
a few posts back i talked about doing more and talking less. well i'm so excited about an opportunity i have at the end of this month. each month, our church hosts a citywide women's event. it's ladies from all over the community and all other churches, where women can just be encouraged and refreshed. the event is called radiance. and this month, i get the awesome privilege to speak on my testimony regarding our struggle with infertility. my ultimate goal in doing this is to create a network of ladies struggling with the same and have an avenue to encourage them. it's so cool because i've already met two ladies in my church that have pcos. it's like i was meant to be here ;)

i'm thrilled for the weekend
there's a bbq festival this weekend y'all! we're planning on attending - it's in the next town over and apparently, it's a pretty big deal. and chris is all about a festival dedicated to meat! if we go, you better believe i'll post all about it next week!


  1. Speaking at Radiance? How exciting is that? Where is this? North Carolina?

    Barbeque Festival?!!? That sounds like so much fun!!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing it with me. Fab Fridays rock! :)

    Huge hugs, love!

  2. WOW! First, congrats to Chris! Second, a speaking event? I know you are going to encourage so many people

    A festival dedicated to meat? Sounds yummy!

  3. What an incredible blessing! So cool how God works.

  4. :) This is wonderful! I didn't realize that you had PCOS (guess I missed that post), I have a close friend who struggles with the same thing, she just started a support group for infertility at her church... it's such a wonderful call to be an encourager in that way.