It's good to feel wanted

the last few days have been quite the whirlwind experience, but honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way.
friday i flew out to texas to spend some much needed quality time with some of my favorites.
my precious cousin holli is getting married in just a couple of months, so we did her bridal portraits (i'm photographing her wedding).
i can NOT wait to share some of them with you, but it will be after the wedding of course!
i'm super proud of myself...i did her updo. wha???
i know!
we can now add updo hair styles to my resume!
she looked absolutely stunning.
and then we went shopping. holla.
old navy had a fabulous sale and i got some fabulous tops.
i think it needs it's own post.
i went crazy for all things striped.

saturday i headed out to my oldest brother's house and had a great time for my nephew's birthday party.
12 whole years old. yikes!
we had so much fun catchin up, talking about everything, and party prepping.
and let's not forget frog catching!

monday morning i spent some more time with holli. she got pretty sick over the weekend, so we just took it easy. we rented the life of pi.
ok let me just say....the movie is absolutely nothing like the previews.
it was soooo good. like i seriously loved it.
from the previews i thought it was all this randomly magical boat ride or jungle book like movie.
nope. not at all.
i mean it is on a boat, but the story is fabulous.
you should totally watch it.

as soon as i got home i headed to raleigh to train our interns for work.
so much fun.
you know i love any opp to get in front of people ;)

so all in all, it has been a great few days and it feels really good to be wanted at all of these places.
but then it's always good to get home too.

in other news, you can probably see we're creating a new blog design here. i've still got a few things to add and adjust, but it's heading in a beautifully right direction.
i changed it up a few months ago, but that was really just a starting point.
i wasn't crazy about it.
but this...this i love.
and it matches my new photography website so i'm all consistent.
we'll be launching that here very soon!
hubs did real real good on this one.
another reason why i love him (even though we typically fight hard core when he designs stuff for me).

so friends, fill me in on your life.

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  1. I love this new design!!! I need to redesign my blog. It's soooo boring.

    Cant wait to see your cousin's pictures! I know they are going to be fabulous!