organized at last!

ok, so i know you saw this post earlier this week about our bright idea to reorganize, right?
well i'm happy to say, it's all done!
finally, finally, finally we managed to find a place for our enormous amount of crap.
closets - check!
and guess what....i can even see my floors!
i'm especially proud of how it turned out.
so naturally i felt the need to share, even if you don't really care!
oh see what i did there? i made a rhyme!

so this is our office closet. before we began the transformation, it was packed as tight as it could be with boxes. so we went to walmart and bought a cube organization system. we filled it with books and scrapbook supplies ;)

this here is a poster i bought several months ago to help a friend in her journey to adopt two sweet girls from uganda. and you know i love the orphans! so it's hanging proud in the office.

while we're in the office, let's look at my new desk.
so i found this standard antique wood desk at an awesome little antique store a few weeks ago.
i haggled it down to $35. whah???
i love a good deal.
so then of course i painted it! and added some new hardware. i love how it turned out!
i'm going to buy some fabric full of bright colors to make no-sew curtains.
why yes, of course i'll share how that turns out. don't you doubt it!

we got chris a cool desk too at the same place. we paid $40 for his, and he's weird and didn't want me to paint his. party pooper.
and of course, we had to move wallace in there too.

so we have this nook in our hallway. our landlord said most people put a desk in it.
i made a craft station out of it with my mom's antique china cabinet.
i'm going to paint it, but i'll probably save that project for one day when we have our own house.
it turned out so good though!

see those "create" letters? well they're one of my projects to paint and make beautiful.
everything is all nicely organized and happy here.

moving to the living room.
so i had boxes of framed pictures and no where to set them out.
i have to be careful with what's out because the dog chases the cat, and the cat jumps on things and knocks everything off.
yes, my cats don't allow me to have cool things.

so...we made a frame wall. it will eventually be floor to ceiling. i'm getting some more pictures printed to fill up more empty frames that i have.
i absolutely love it. i've also got a few frames i'm going to paint to add some color.
seriously, i get so excited every time i walk by it!

the dining area is one of my favorites.
it's just simple and shabby. love, love, love.

see what i mean? there's the cat on the bar.
and don't you love that fan?
i know, it's hideous. apparently the guy who lived here before us installed it.
if we buy a new one the apartments will install it for us.
however, if we have it running, you can't really tell it belongs in an island hut.

so there you have it.
all nice and clean.
ahhh...i can actually breathe.

now what in the world will occupy our weekends?
i see lots of crafting in my future!
maybe i'll finally learn how to use my sewing machine!


  1. I love that your china craft shelf fits perfectly in the alcove!! Looks great.

  2. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest GFC follower from the “Wildcard Wednesday” blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back: godsgrowinggarden.com
    PS – I would also like to invite you to a blog hop called: “The Great Blog Train” currently live on my blog (the kind of hop where you link up your homepage)– Thank you!

  3. I love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Love everything about it! And I madly love that table of yours

  5. I love the poster shout out!! I still have some if anyone wants one!! Your new place looks great!!

  6. Your new home looks great....it is amazing how getting everything in it's place can change your perspective! I love your gallery wall....mine is still in the planning phase, but the bare wall is just screaming to be decorated!