organization is a good thing right?

i mean i thought it was a good thing.
and so did hubs.
so about a week ago he got the bug to unpack all of the boxes we had stashed away in the closets and organize everything.
it was desperately needed....i mean honestly we had NO closet space.
we have done lots of downsizing before, but for some reason, this move was a particularly hard one for unpacking.

and so we pulled everything out.
well....this is what happened:

looks amazingly organized right?
if you only knew how stressed out this made us!
so we headed to the grand ol' wal-mart to purchase organization tools!
and this weekend, we managed to get the last of it all cleaned up.
well with the exception of a few minor things still looking for their "spot".
i'll be posting the "after" pictures in a couple of days...you know, once everything has finally found it's spot.
but i can assure you it looks nothing like this!

what is your best organizational tidbit?


  1. In the aftermath of my move, I am still dealing with this...it is no fun and definitely stressful. Can't wait to see how everything is looking now that you are organized...maybe it will motivate me! :)

  2. Just shows how helpful cats are. I don't see pup mcpuperson anywhere.

    Can't wait to see the after photos. I always like seeing how people organize

  3. I can't wait to see the after pics too! Packing is so stressful!! :)

  4. i just take one section at a time