i have issues.

it's true. real life issues.
i've been on a shopping kick lately.
it's problematic.
kind of like binge eating, but binge shopping.
i do this about once a year...i guess the time has arrived!

ok, so peeps - i am uh-bsessed with the project life line of scrapbooking.
it's the kind of scrapbooking that works for my schedule these days.
i totally went on a major shopping spree for these kits.
but, but, but, let me tell you the good news.
so, the kits are $29.99 each. however, i get the weekly hobby lobby email with a 40% off coupon.
this works online as well. with the coupon, it ends up being like $17.
total win!!!!
i'm gonna need you to check it out.

so two trips to hobby lobby and a trip to michaels later.....i bought a keurig.
and i'm in love.
but no, that wasn't enough spending.

old navy here i come.
and i conquered.
i had super cash ($30 savings) that i surely couldn't let go to waste.

and then enter world market.
it just may be my new happy place.
luckily, i got out of there for a mere $12.

what is wrong with me??? i must stop. i simply must.

do you ever binge shop?


  1. I think you know the answer to that with me! I had super cash too so we spent it all on Todd last weekend because he needed shorts.
    I kinda went crazy this week at Kohls BUT i did buy 3 orange ties for the men in wedding.I had 30% coupon. Score!

  2. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then! Also, let's challenge each other to get going on PL. I can't seem to get past opening the box and oogling over the cards - what is that all about???? Have a great weekend!