Today's The Day

tonight i'm sharing my story with a citywide ministry in our town.
this is my first time speaking publicly (well other than on the blog) about infertility.
my message tonight is one of hope.
it's me, taking the hand of cards i've been dealt and trying to help others.
and i am seriously so excited.
i have been praying that God would make sure that the people who need to hear my message are there.
and i am so looking forward to whatever comes as a result.
so here's to letting go and letting God.
yes please.

speaking of the infertility...

jessah over at dreaming of dimples has created a new version of the instagram photo a day for us infertile myrtles. i'll be joining in the fun and hope you will too! 


  1. Good Luck, Lauren! I am sure that you will be amazing tonight and touch lives!

  2. Good Luck!!! I know you are going to do so well up there!!! Cant wait to hear tomorrow about how it went