deep down i'm a dreamer.
for years chris has called me (lovingly) the "dream crusher".
mainly because i'm a bit of a realist.
but i have dreams and passions. somewhere along the way i convinced myself that they were unattainable and irrational and that they were simply dreams...not at all actual possibilities.

to be quite frank, i'm really pissed at myself.
because in all reality, i've spent the last few months desperately searching for my dreams because i managed to erase them all together.

this weekend i believe i told chris that i was a dreamless person with no purpose.
and that's unacceptable.
and about 30 minutes after that conversation, i received a text message from an unknown number.

It said....
"you're locket is ready" and had this picture:

yep, it says "dream".
funny how that happens.

so last night i spent a good amount of time brainstorming my dreams.
searching for them.
and i did indeed find them.
not only did i find some, my heart completely is overwhelmed in the best and worst ways.

shame on that devilish voice inside of me that told me i was unworthy of dreams.
because we are all worthy of dreams. we all deserve to be part of something more than meets the eye.

what are some of your dreams?
what would you do if you knew 100% you could not fail?

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  1. Lauren, your locket is beautiful!!!! Don't ever give up on yourself or your dreams.....I don't know you well - but I do know that you are an amazing photographer. The shots that you sent me for the little project that you helped me with - absolutely stunning. I knew they were good but when I actually saw them printed....WOW! Can't wait to see you next month! And whatever your other dreams may be...keep shooting for the stars!