it's coming....can't stop it

51 days.
the countdown to 30 has started.
and this upcoming milestone has me realizing that life will never be the same.

for instance, today, i colored my hair because the gray is becoming more and more noticeable.

i get excited about paying bills and debt. 
i get excited about a clean house.
i ENJOY the today show and live with kelly and michael.

i feel that 30 makes me officially an adult.
like, there are no excuses for any shenanigans anymore.
it's not like i can say "oh that was my twenties".
no, no ma'am. something about 30 says total grown up.

so for the next 51 days, i'm going to completely figure out a way to make 30 the most epic year ever.
i deserve some epic...in a good way!
watch out world. i just may have arrived.

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  1. The thirties are awesome. You're almost here. :)