the bestest news.

so friday i called my school to discuss changing my major up a little. i just wanted to add a concentration.
the sweet girl told me that it would add 5 classes to my education journey which would make graduation next fall.
me - "wait a minute....i thought i was already graduating next fall"
girl - "no ma'am, you will graduate next spring"
me - "what? like spring 2014? like one more semester?"
girl - "yes ma'am!"
me - "ok nevermind! no concentration for me...just let me graduate!"

this my friends, was the most amazing conversation ever. EVER!
i have been working on this degree for 11 years. yes, 11 years.
do you know what this means?
it means i will graduate while i am still 30.
which means i will be able to check off a major 30 before 30 list item....graduating! because technically, i will still be 30, so it won't be after 30!

this also means that i have to take 5 classes spring semester while working full time.
my life will pretty much be non-existent, but that's ok, because for 8 weeks i can manage no life when it means i will never have school work again!!!

that is all. it was just too good not to share.
love you all!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Weeeeee! I am sooooo happy for you!

  3. FANTASTIC sweet cuz!!! Smarty pants college graduate. Love you

  4. Congratulations! What exciting news!