gotta give props

notice anything different here?
i don't know, maybe an awesome new blog design?

why yes, i am in love with it!
fo realz.

so i gotta give my girl pam some props for her awesome design skills.
she's got great prices too!
i did the whole blog overhaul, but she does design pieces a la carte as well.
do yourself a favor and click HERE and check out her blog, flourishing.
then see what kind of little creative things you need to add to your blog!
she customizes everything just for your wants!

a lil' about sweet pam....
i met her a couple of years ago. she was an intern with my husband at the church he worked at in georgia.
then we had a small group at our house and i momentarily thought i was in college again from hanging out with them so much. absolutely LOVED that crew. they brought so much happiness to my heart.
anyway, girlfriend has an amazing voice too. and she's currently living in australia attending hillsong college so she can pursue the dreams god has laid on her heart.

ok so go visit her. and hire her.


  1. LOVE your new design!!! I am going to check out her blog right now....how amazing the she is attending Hillsong College....what a blessing! Those Hillsong people do it right. ;)

  2. Holy smokes this really looks awesome!!!