Fun days

so for the first time since leaving Georgia (a year ago this month), we had our first visitors!
it was a lovely 4th of july with some of our favorite people from back home.
i could kick myself because we didn't get a single picture of us. what? 
why would i be so dumb not to photograph this lovely time?!
oh well.

i don't know about you, but we have had nothing but rain for the last 6 days, and looks like the next 10 days will be rain filled as well. we almost cancelled the trip, but it was supposed to rain in georgia to, so we thought we'd rather spend a rainy day together with our friends than all alone.

thursday afternoon the crew rolled in. eric, bobbiejo, harrison (3yrs) and josie (7 mos). so basically all of us crammed into our apartment was like an awesome slumber party!
and yes, thursday was filled with rain. but we got out and played anyway. 
chris and i took them to main street and we went into several shops and had lunch.
it finally got to the point where bobbiejo and i took our shoes off and ran through the puddles pushing a stroller.
that's what memories are made of right?

but jesus wanted us to have fun, so we had most of the day friday rain free. holla.
we took them to downtown asheville and had a several hour long exploration party. chris and i had not yet explored asheville either, so much fun was had by all!

we took this pic at the start of the day and it is by far one of my all time favorite pictures of us!

after hours of walking and riding, we all came back to the house...just in time because the downpour started again. harrison loves chris, and the two of them sat down and watched cartoons.
melts my heart.

early saturday morning everyone got up and headed home. it was so good for my soul to have them come visit. i've missed them terribly. we went from weekly hangouts to only seeing them once this past year, so this time was much needed.

later, chris and i headed to see despicable me 2. loved it. we're such big kids. and of course we were the only adults with no kids, but who cares!
i also found out that my favorite mexican restaurant in ga opened a location in greenville. after watching the movie (there's a whole mexican restaurant thing in the movie) it was absolutely necessary to drive an hour to eat there! so we did!

it's been a fabulous few days filled with lots of fun.
and now i'm paying for it....trying to cram a week's worth of homework into one day.
but i have to say it's worth it.

how was your holiday weekend?

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