Let's Play Catch Up

Everything you need to know on this Tuesday....

  • FRIENDS! Are you following Outside the Frame on Bloglovin? Why not? Go ahead, join the fun! And bloglovin has a SUPER easy way to transfer all of your google reader subscriptions to bloglovin. What are you waiting for?
  • Last Thursday night I had the honor of speaking at our citywide women's gathering to talk about my struggle with infertility and offer a message of hope. My prayer that night was not to glorify me, but to glorify God. I prayed that the women who were there were ones that God had put there because they needed to hear about hope. And I think in those terms, it was a success. ;) 
  • So I'm joining up with Dreaming of Dimples for the TTCPhotoaday for July on Instagram. Shameless plug: if you're not following me on instagram, join the fun! You can use the button on the sidebar or on my "contact me" page.
  • In other news, I am super excited because we're having our first visitors since we moved away from Georgia last year! Yay for friends and slumber parties!
  • Since hubby has started working at Earthfare, we've been buying all of our groceries there. I have to say, our dinner time meals are a bit more tasty that usual. It's amazing how different food tastes when it's real. Last night I made the most delicious guilt free dinner ever. I bought fresh spinach fettuccine and cooked it. Then in another pan I took a little olive oil and sauteed some garlic, sweet mini peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Once that was done, I threw it over the pasta with 2 Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb cheese wedges (35 calories people). Voila! It was scrumptious! You have to try it!
  • This guilt free recipe is especially great news since the doc told me last week that i'm absolutely not allowed to eat out for a while. Poo.
  • And today, I leave you with some tunes. These are just a couple fun tunes I've added to my playlist lately. Enjoy!

"Dance With Me" by Clarensau

"Distant Song" by Esther Little - this one's new so there's no video yet, but you can check her out on itunes

Got any fun new tunes we need to know about? Link up!

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  1. lauren, that Dance with me song is awesome and i WILL be playing that at reception! Thank you