teenage dream

y'all...i have been an emotional wreck this week.
to keep the tmi to a minimum, let's just say i'm in a perpetual state of pms with no end in sight.
yesterday was one of those days where i just wanted to cry...but i never fully had the ugly cry.
it's bound to happen soon.

at one point i sent chris a text message telling him that i wanted to eat a whole papa johns pizza, buffalo chicken fingers from zaxby's and a triple chocolate hot fudge sundae.

all. kind. of. problems.

so last night there was nothing on tv so we watched the katy perry "part of me" movie on netflix.
ummm....SO good!
i loved katy perry before, but now i really love her.

and tears came when the little children's choir sang firework.
that's my jam.

in honor of my distressed frame of mind this week, i give you...
katy perry.


  1. We all have those weeks! And Zaxbys is amazing! I'm from the north and we don't have them and when ever I go down to Tennessee I always have to eat there! All jealous!

  2. I had an ugly cry on the Fourth of July because ESPN started off my day with a military homecoming video. Sometimes you just need to let it out!

  3. Oh my word- I was the exact same way about the Katy Perry movie. I want to be her best friend. Which is strange. But true.

  4. sorry about your day:( I feel you on those! and what a fun link up, Will you have this next week too?!