it's the debil!

did you ever see waterboy? and they call the devil the debil? love.
 i have a list today of things that are straight from the debil.

first one topping the list: Zaxby's i may have a slight addiction. i think i could eat it every day of my life. and with just one meal topping out over 1,000 calories, it pretty much ruins a whole day of eating. it's like some magical force comes over and forces me to eat it....or forces me to think about it until i eat it. very, very bad....but oh so very good. you see my struggle?

second up....krispy kreme. this would be chris's "debil". there's one RIGHT by our place and he seriously cannot resist the hot and ready sign. it's like that magical force comes over and pulls the car right through the drive thru.


and my last devilish item of the day is yoga pants.
oh be still my heart.
i love me some yoga pants. it is my work outfit of choice being as i work from home.
but here's the problem: they're stretchy. so if you gain a few pounds here and there, they stretch with you.
and it's not until you try to put on real pants that you realize "uh-oh".
not that i'm speaking from experience or anything.
i just may have to start wearing jeans every day to work in just to keep my tummy in check.
we can't have that getting too far outta control, no sir!


what's the debil hanging over your head this week?


  1. Oh my gosh i am with Chris. When those evil donuts are hot and fresh you can literally swallow 3 of them one after another and then realize crap i just inhaled 3 donuts without even tasting them.

  2. Little Debbie Snack Cakes. All of the wonderful flavors. They are The Debil! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. FACT about yoga pants. That's danger I tell you. DANGER. I also love chips and salsa... and now that I can make my own... bad things man. :)