living in the apple valley

one thing we learned once we moved to north carolina was that our town was one of the big apple capitals.
seriously, every road has an orchard and i have been strangely obsessed with them.
i've been waiting and waiting for the orchards to open for business, as i've been monitoring apple growth and knew it must be coming soon lol!
well that and the fact that the apple festival is next weekend, so they had to be ready for that right?!

so in a random decision we decided to drive by a few today.
and they were open!!!
this is seriously the first saturday in months that it hasn't rained.

we went to a couple orchards,  but grandad's was our fave.
it was simply beautiful

aww look...chris is wearing red to match the apples!

i don't know why i'm so intrigued by the apples.
really, it makes me sound a little cray cray.

so we roamed around, took some touristy pictures and then sampled the goods!
chris got an apple dumpling and an apple fritter.
i'm not a fan of cooked fruit, so i opted with the apple cider slushy.
oh my gracious, it was so incredibly delish!
i could have one every day!

just look at that view!

oh yes and apparently corn is a big deal too.
apples and corn.
corn and apples.

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