music is my life source.

I wish there could be a theme song that plays like the price is right or family feud to open up our tuesday tunes each week. that would be so fun!

y'all...let me tell you...my life is about entering a ridiculously busy and overwhelming season.
this should last until approximately may 10th, 2014. 
around 9 months.
if only it were for a baby lol! 
on may 10th i will be in my cap and gown graduating college!!! 
but these next two semesters are going to be redonk. that's the only way to put it. straight up pure redonk.
because there are other exciting adventures thrown into the mix too....like my cousin's wedding that i'm photographing and my trip to paris.
oh and let's not forget thanksgiving, christmas and easter.

so sunday was my last free night for a long time. and i spent it relaxing as much as i could while still being ridiculously anxious about this week. 
it's inevitable that i'm going to need extreme doses of jesus to get me through.
so i pretty much blew up the itunes store and loaded up on some new tunes to help me stay encouraged.

i'm in a season of life where i need some hard core worship times. 
that tends to get me through anything.

oh, what's that? you want to know what i bought?
well i'm glad you asked!

Bethel Music - "For the Sake of the World"
i just went ahead and bought the whole darn album. but a couple of my favorite songs from the album are:

Our Father and Closer.

mmmm. mmmm. mmmm. all i can say.

another album i bought "Revival" by Soulfire Revolution.
it's like hipster worship. but oh so good.

and yes i bought some individual songs to.

"Our Great God" by Casey Darnell.

Funny story - Casey and I actually worked together on staff at a church about 10-11 years ago. His now wife and I were very close and they are people that hold a super special place in my heart. Casey's music career has really taken off and i loved that we sang his song in church yesterday! 

"In Your Presence" by Elevation Worship. 
my gracious it's good. 

well i think that's enough for one day. i've got save something for future tuesday tunes ;)
hope some of these touch your heart and you buy them too!


  1. Keep sticking with it, you are almost at the finish line!!! And we are all there to cheer you on. Except in Paris, but I keep checking my mailbox everyday for the invitation. Ill check when I get home today. Surely it made its way over :)

  2. Beautiful songs! Sounds like you are going to be plenty busy. At least the finish line is in site!

  3. Wonderful song choices! I've no doubt they will see you through! May you meet Casey again in person.........just to let him know that I think his music oozes with love and talent. What a voice!