remember that time i got a nose ring?

yeah you remember? back in january when i did the tattoo and nose ring all at one time because i got a discount?
those were good times.

but then in june, a mere six months later, my body said "nope. no way. not havin' it." 
and just like that it rejected it.
i'm talking overnight rejection!

and now i'm sad because i'm just now telling you about it in august!
ok, here's how it went down.

in june i flew to texas for my nephew's birthday and bridal portraits of my sweet cousin.
on friday my nose was hurting, but on the inside. it felt like i was getting a pimple or something inside my nose.
i thought it was no big deal because it didn't feel like it was around my piercing.
come saturday, it hurt real bad. i mean realll bad. so that evening i threw some rubbing alcohol on it.
because that junk is supposed to fix everything right?

sunday morning i wake up and it wasn't hurting. ok, cool.
no it was not cool.
it was not cool at all because my nose had pushed the nose ring up, grew up on the inside, and bubbled on the top.
it was a hot mess, let me tell ya.

i tried and tried to clean it up and get it back it, but it was not happening.
at all.

and that was the end of my nose ring.
it was a good six months while it lasted.

i think there's something wrong with the left side of my body.
i've had a second hole in my ears twice and both times the left ear refused to cooperate.
and the nose ring was on the left side.
no foreign objects for me!


  1. That hurt just reading about it....sorry!!!!!

  2. My top cartilage piercing in my ear is rejecting now also. Poo

  3. that sounds horrible!! i have my nose pierced, and I know when i take it out, im going to miss it!!