Tunes? On Tuesday?

once upon a time i participated in a series called tuesday tunes!
and let's face it....it's been a while.
for some reason my tuesdays have been ridiculous lately.

you know i love me some tunes.
today i'm giving you some music love from both ends of the spectrum.
like for real.

let's start with the most overplayed song of the summer, yet you can't help but dance every time it comes on.

enter....."blurred lines" by robin thicke.
i like to wake up chris on saturday mornings by playing this and dancing ridiculously.
oh so fun.

now let's take a different turn in tunes.

i'm loving "hello my name is" by matthew west.
i heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it's just so so good.
sometimes we lose our identity in our struggles and let our struggles become our identity.
this song is a wonderful reminder that defeat or fear or reject or whatever you may be struggling with is not your identity. when a follower of christ, our name is changed to "child of the one true king".
ugh! so good!


  1. hahah I was just thinking about how mad I was at Robin Thicke for being so dang hot. Yes, I have problems but I cant help but love that song. And him. Stupid hot Robin. LOL

  2. I had blurred line on my link a few weeks ago. It makes me happy indeed! Oh and welcome back. LOL

  3. Great choices....Robin Thicke and Blurred Lines - yes, please!!!!The unrated version of the video...holy, topless!!!! But you are right, you can't help but dance when it comes on.....so, so, catchy!!!!! And love Matthew West...you can rarely go wrong. Have a wonderful afternoon!

  4. Blurred Lines is an amazing anthem - seems to play out from every open car window!

    Christian rock is so uplifting. You rarely get bored by it.