30 Years of Me.

well it's here.
today, i am 30.
wow - that seems so unreal.

it's funny how differently things turn out from what you imagined them like as a child.

this little girl here - she had some pretty big dreams.


married at 21, babies by 25, a pretty white house with a picket fence, 2 cats and a dog.
my husband was preferably randy travis.

i know, i know.
in my defense, he was very cute and popular 25 years ago.

this girl was going to be a teacher and have the coolest 1st grade class room in town.
for heaven's sake, i had an abc 123 sweater!

she wanted to change the world.


she looked forward to an adult relationship with her mom.

phone calls every day, mom coming to visit and play with the kids.
i would have never imagined not having her as part of my adult life.

funny how life turns out so differently.

my life is 100% nothing that i had ever dreamed it to be.
but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

i have a wonderful husband that loves me unconditionally.
like seriously...i can be a real b-word and he loves me even then.

that little girl above didn't know her brothers.
they are now my world.
my nieces and nephews are everything to me.
i am blessed beyond belief with amazing family and friends.

yes, i've yet to have my little white house, picket fence, and babies.
instead i've moved 14 times in 9 years. and that's ok.
god is working and that's all that matters.

no i don't have babies, but i've been given a story to share and hope to offer to others.

i'm not a teacher, and i'm not done with school yet. in fact, i honestly don't know what i want to be when i grow up.
i just want to be a willing vessel for God that is stubbornly obedient to Him.

and while this 30th birthday can serve as a reminder of all the things i've yet to accomplish, it's also a reminder of the things i have accomplished.

i saw an AARP commercial the other day that said "not everyone peaks in their twenties"
well thank God for that!

happy birthday lauren anne! keep shining!


  1. Happy birthday my love! I hope it is truly amazing.

    If I could make one birthday wish for you............it would be to bring that ABC shirt back into style. OHH YEEAA

  2. Happy Birthday Lauren Anne from your cousin best friend Holli Ann! YOu're the cutest thing alive in those pictures and still are and have blessed me abundantly the minute you entered my life. You're my sister from another mother and had been waiting for you my whole life like something was missing until then. I hope your day is so wonderful and spectacular and you're wearing a fabulous tiara now.

  3. I have been on vacation and out of the loop, but I hope that you had a wonderful day...I feel sure that God has great plans for you! Happy Belated Birthday!