i lost my cape.

*****news flash*****
apparently, i am not super woman.
i know, i can't believe it either. i've had her as part of my identity for so long, but last night....well last night she left the building. and she took my cape.
i finally crumbled under pressure.
obviously i can not indeed do it all, try as i may.

so i had to drop a class in order to regain some sort of sanity, which means that i'm pushing graduation out to the summer instead of may. and although it completely saddens me, my well being is slightly more important than a set graduation date.

last night was one of my more impressive meltdowns.
i'm on a new medication and it makes me feel like poop...and well it makes me poop too.
double whammy.
tmi? so sorry.
nevertheless, yesterday was the mother of all breaking points.

so, like in all rough ones, mandisa is my tunage go-to.
she has so many good ones, but for today, i think we're going with STRONGER.

Link up with us! What songs are you loving today?


  1. Girl, I had the exact same issues with Metformin...but I didn't want to tell you and scare you away from it. They say that most people adjust and things get better after about two weeks....hang in there and GREAT song!

  2. Just remember...you arent pushing graduation out of the picture, just back a few months. That happens to so many people, so dont be discouraged. Just think of the class you had to drop you will have 100% of your focus for it when you are ready to take it.