once upon a time....

....i had this blog that i liked to write on.

but somewhere along the way i decided i needed something stupid, you know, like a degree.
and it has now become an all consuming facet of my life.
the sad reality is that it's a degree that i have no earthly idea what i will do with...it just must be finished.

and well then there was a few other big ticket items happening in my little world.
so bottom line is i'm just a bit overwhelmed with life at the moment.
and i can't really put together coherent thoughts.
don't believe me?
you should see my face.
it's broken out like a teen in the trenches of puberty.
pretty gross actually.

i'm a winner, what can i say?

last weekend was holli's fabulous wedding....and one day i'll devote a whole post to it!
it was a fun, but whirlwind trip.

and with that i'm off to write another stupid research paper and do some work for my real job...you know, the one that pays the bills.

peace out homies.


  1. Hang in there......this too shall pass!

  2. Its hard getting in the swing of blogging again. I'm reading others instead of creating my own post.
    You are family so i can say that things will always be chaotic- just less at times than others! LOL