30 Was Wonderful.

Leave it to me to blog about my birthday bash a month later!
so last month i hit the big 3-0.
it was scary but exciting.
i'm really looking forward to this decade. i think we're going to be friends.

so the hubs was very sneaky.
i thought he had just arranged a family dinner at our favorite italian place back home.
well he did....but there was a surprise element to it.
most of my favorites were there!

i was so surprised!!!!
and it was fabulous.
i love all these people something fierce!

my only request was a tiara for the day. 
and i got my tiara and a boa!

and all of these fabulous people each played a part in making the evening lovely!

this is me and my girl lyndsay. 

and me and my wonderful in-laws.

well then just me of course with my free spumoni.

hubby knows cookie cake is the way to my heart!


my girl leslie! 

and my girls andrea and bobbiejo.

and we can't forget granny and my uncle jason.

i definitely missed the folks that couldn't make it, but we had so much fun!
i also got a lot of wonderful gifts from a lot of wonderful people.
and those gift cards? yeah they have purchased some mighty cute outfits which is going to make this girl mighty cute in Paris!

thirty, i think i love you.


  1. So glad that you had a wonderful birthday...you deserve it!!!!!

  2. It was missing ME!!! haha love you

  3. I'm sad I missed it. I had a wedding that day down in Newman, but it looks like you had funnnn