it's photo season

fall is my most favorite time of year.
besides all of the reasons that don't need explaining, it is also a big season for family photos.

family photos are my all time favorite to photograph.
i would do it every single day of my life if i could.
it's magical...most of the time.

so i wanted to share a few of my faves from my last few sessions.

this handsome fella just turned 1. 
so of course we had to do his smash session!

and this cutie here was hamming it up for the camera!
look at those poses!
he did this one all on his own!

and this precious family here is one of my most favorites in all the world.

seriously....do you see why i love, love, love it?


  1. You did a wonderful job....I am sure the families will be thrilled with the results!